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Recent ransomware attacks have been the cause of millions worth of loss in data, man hours and lost efficiency. With new attempts, and ransomware evolving at an alarming rate, security companies are having an incredibly difficult time trying to keep up.

As is the case with a lot of technological advances, most security companies deal with the problem of being reactive rather than proactive. In principle, this is because it is virtually impossible to predict what type of ransomware will hit the market next.

Instead of trying to predict every possible alternative, however, wouldn’t it be better just to know you are secure? To know that, should the worst happen and ransomware gets past your security, your data is still accessible?

Enter Datto.

What makes Datto unique?

They are a channel-centric, MSP-centric, solutions provider. Their core focus is on providing the best possible backup solution available on the market and they do this by working directly with MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) rather than working directly with the client. This model has proven highly successful and is helped by the fact that MSP’s know what the client needs.

Often times the client knows what they want, but they don’t know how to make it happen. They don’t know how it will affect their operations, and they don’t know how to make things functional within the environment that has been built for them.

MSP’s on the other hand, that is their bread and butter. The whole MSP concept is based around the idea of providing support for these clients. An MSP’s job is to find ways to improve and secure a client’s system. Datto has stepped in and said, “Let’s do this together.”

With that simple phrase, they have built a network of dedicated partners who see the value in this model. It has become the go-to provider of secure backup solutions for the majority of successful MSP’s in the market.

The Product

What Datto provides is a complete product that focuses on achieving 99.99% uptime for the client. They do this through a variety of safeguards that are built into the solution.

Datto backup devices are engineered to store your data locally, as well as to the cloud. Should the worst happen and your servers go down, the Datto device can be spun up as a virtual machine and your staff can keep working as if nothing happened. This whole process takes a matter of minutes.

What that means for the client is that, instead of having to wait for new hardware or costly and time consuming data recovery options, they make a single call to their managed services provider and everything else is taken care of on the back-end.

This also works in cases of ransomware attacks. Should your system get infected, the Datto device will recognize this change and will revert back to the most current, uninfected backup. This means a significant drop in risk for data loss.

All in all, Datto provides peace of mind and the assurance that, should the worst come to pass, they will have your back and get you up and running faster than any other solution on the market.

For more information about what Datto is doing in the ransomware space, check out the following video: https://www.datto.com/resources/ransomware-made-mspeasy-1


Ransomware Made MSPeasy

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